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Subject: About complete cure of lifestyle diseases and gaining the ability to live a healthy life for the whole of man’s natural life span of 120 years.

Good health is a state of equilibrium in which the skeletal system, muscles, nerves and blood vessels, joints and ligaments all become powerful thanks to free blood flow and the mind becomes mature and supports and improves the long term efficiency of the Body/mind complex.

All illnesses, except those caused by disease germs, arise from faulty body structure. Bad health or life style diseases are the result of wrongly aligned vertebrae, muscles, joints and ligaments and poor blood circulation. The basis of faulty structure lies in the wrong alignment of the spine and the pelvis. Once this is set right, the life style Diseases will be cured.

When the spine is wrongly aligned, the shape of the foot will change, and the worse the alignment, the greater will be the change in the shape of the foot. At the same time, blood circulation becomes poor resulting in the poor alignment and weakening of muscles and the worsening of other illnesses. When the faulty structure of the body is corrected, and the spine gets properly aligned, the shape of the foot becomes normal and the muscles can be seen to become stronger. This itself is an important proof. People become more conscious of their bodies. The proper system of treatment will bear success. The people with illnesses will return to good health. Nobody can cheat anybody.

It is possible for us to detect and cure life style diseases at an early age itself. It is a sad truth that among countries with the greatest death rate from heart diseases, India ranks 37th. The natural life span of man is 120 years. Nature has created man with the Structure of body necessary to enable him to live that long in good health. A machine that is continuously working may require periodic service to set right internal damage caused by wear and tear. Periodic maintenance and servicing enable the machine to work efficiently as before. A man who does authentic Hatha Yoga after getting his wrongly aligned body corrected by an expert can lead a healthy life till he is 120 years old. But this is possible only if the spine retains its proper shape and alignment. Incorrect body structure can be corrected by our effort.

Why do some people die all on a sudden without warning? Wrong body structure leads to bad health. Correct body structure leads to good health. Precious human lives will not be lost. Medicines can treat germ-borne diseases. Other types of illnesses can be completely cured without the help of medication or surgery. When faulty body structure is set right, it will become clear how unscientific it is to try to cure lifestyle diseases

Using medicine and surgery. There is only one right way to treat such diseases: and that is through correcting faulty body structure.

All human beings on earth, including sports stars, may have major or minor faults in their body structure. Only through the practice of Yoga after correcting such faults in their structure can they hope to gain complete good health and rise up to international standards of physical ability.

Why does the structure of the body become faulty? I have understood clearly the reason for that and the method of setting it right. We must remember the fact that India occupies the 107th position among the nations of the world in the matter of health. If we know the proper way and have the will power, we can certainly rise up to the first rank. A healthy populace everywhere! This is not a figment of the imagination. This is one hundred percent possible and certain.

Neither modern nor traditional medicine has a clear answer for these life style diseases. My understanding and experience of this problem can uproot these diseases and lead to great health benefits for all mankind. It is earnestly requested that after subjecting my method to observation and testing, a chance is given to me to display it Before the world at large.


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